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A Very Dizzy Day


Date Written: 2012-02-08 19:33:39

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Summer Without A Fridge


Date Written: 2010-07-20 08:54:48

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Merry men of yonder shore

Laugh with me the day is young.A toast to toast. A song to be sung. Caught up in lifes circumstance. Made to play the piper dance.How oh world shall you bruise my heel? Upon lifes stone I lear ....

Date Written: 2010-05-22 09:28:49

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Red Raw Gums

     My little teeth are coming thro ....

Date Written: 2010-02-12 22:09:46

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Phantom of the internet

I wrote you. I know damn well I did. Somehow you disappeared. And how is not to clear. I took the time to write each word. Now the words are gone. Phantom of the internet. your spirit lingers on. ....

Date Written: 2010-01-16 03:08:55

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They Say That I Have A.D.D.


Date Written: 2009-05-30 01:31:28

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Mother And The Principal

      Its my last year in Primary school and I don't really want to leave . Even thou ....

Date Written: 2009-04-25 16:18:28

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To Thirst

The sweet wine of love Can sparkle and flow Coming down from above Setting up a warm glow.   Intoxicatingly free Warmi ....

Date Written: 2009-03-29 07:09:38

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Beware Of The Smell

      After three dogs bites I stay clear ,  Some people say dogs can smell fear . ....

Date Written: 2009-03-12 03:01:52

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Have No Fear

The more we strive to be sensible, serious and meaningful. The less chance we have to become so inclined The mind plays tricks and can be o ....

Date Written: 2009-03-11 05:51:16

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Who Is She

She always talks to me In such a pleasing voice That i am content to  be The man of her choice.   ....

Date Written: 2009-03-11 05:17:35

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Poets All

Where have all the poets gone Don't see them in magazine or book But stuff I see could fill a tome And yet it's st ....

Date Written: 2009-03-06 09:05:21

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Candy Kisses

Candy Kisses that come in our youth Are filled with gaiety and fun If they were described in truth ....

Date Written: 2009-03-06 07:48:20

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Life is, like a roll of toilet paper!

Life’s like a roll of toilet paper At times we can afford the plush. Other times we have to endure the rough type. Some times the sick- scratchy- hospital kind. Or the cheap ....

Date Written: 2008-12-22 06:29:45

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the drop kick

The drop kick Heeeiiyaa! Pop, bang Holy mother of Jesus ....

Date Written: 2008-12-12 08:06:38

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brushy, brushy your teeth!

Brushy, brushy your teeth! Until they sparkle with light Brushy, brushy your teeth Before you kiss goodnight Brushy, brush your teeth With peppermint ....

Date Written: 2008-11-29 06:11:00

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shhhh your being followed!

Shhhhhhhh virtual maps/|\ Hear it? I think your being followed…… …..yes----I am certain--- If you get the ESR…pssss You will followered ....

Date Written: 2008-11-19 09:25:33

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The Lucky Leader

    Now it's not that I am greedy, just more desperate and needy. ....

Date Written: 2008-09-30 16:39:00

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Its In Our Shaking Hands

    We are all just people who need some attending to . To do the daily things that are difficult to do . ....

Date Written: 2008-09-23 16:19:16

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The Wedding Photographer

    The photographer came and captured frame by frame  every move and every smile .   With as much patie ....

Date Written: 2008-06-23 07:53:30

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Fathers Day Rain

    & ....

Date Written: 2008-06-10 16:30:33

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Waiting In The Car Thoughts

  Waiting In The Car Thoughts   For ....

Date Written: 2008-04-03 06:36:13

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The Hunting Hare That Chases The Fox

The Hunting Hare That Chases The Fox  By Paul McCann If you're out on ....

Date Written: 2008-03-02 18:19:41

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A Smile And A Shillelagh

  I have an Irish temper that is as wild as wild can be . So don't come near me when I've got the hands on my shillelagh . ....

Date Written: 2008-03-02 00:26:45

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Its A Hard Life Without A Wife

She sits there in a dressing gowna rolling pin's by her side ," You're not getting away that easy,there's no place you can h ....

Date Written: 2008-02-22 03:54:22

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New Set Of Army Rules For New Year

No war on New Years day and that’s an order .No one’s listening.No more ultimatums other than the ones that we’re issuing .No where to hide for ....

Date Written: 2008-01-15 13:41:23

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New Year At A New School

  ..    Its my last year in Primary school and I don't really want to leave . Even though all my friends ....

Date Written: 2007-12-25 01:58:38

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Nightmare Before Christmas


Date Written: 2007-12-15 18:50:45

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It Happened One Christmas Eve

    I'm going to tell you something , you probably won't believe me, but it's the truth  ....

Date Written: 2007-12-14 08:19:31

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Come Play in the Rain

  Come play in the rain Bring your inner child along Remember to jump in the puddles What could be more ....

Date Written: 2007-12-08 01:18:57

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