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Pigtails and Braces : Modern Poetry

written by Reader : 259finz


I remember being fourteen and in love,

She had ""pigtails and braces"".

I never told anyone about my feelings,

I kept them to myself, But I didn't want to.

I wanted so to tell "her",  i was just afraid.

So one morning before school, before the first bell rang.

I came early to return a dime, i had borrowed the day before

I got it from the one who had my heart, i told her i'd repay her.

She told me "don't worry about it", I told her "i wasn't worried".

It was just an excuse, Just to see her face, maybe a moment alone.

With dime in hand my search began past the library in the hall.

Heidi  was standing in the hallway crying.

Her sister Carol's friend had died,

"It happened just last night" she said.

She had so many tears i felt i had to comfort her.

She was so distraught it troubled me,

It moved me, I had to help someway, I just didn't know how.

My heart would have to wait for another time.

"Who was your sisters friend" i asked?

""Pigtails and braces"" she replied.

I felt the earth fly away beneath my feet, 

Three hours later i cried.

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