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This Weeks Online Poetry Site topic is on "Politics, President Obama, and Re-Election"

Write to inform people on various political news and views about Politics!

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Politics and Political Debates sometimes get out of hand during elections for both Republicans and Democrats.

If you follow Politics and the economy then you are certainly aware that Obama has not gotten the economy under control or the Budget Balanced.For the Next couple of weeks lets try and write Online Poetry about the Republicans and Democrats. Maybe you Love Politics and want to express your love for the whole political debate thing or maybe you just hate a particular party and want to express your reasons. Now is a good time to promote your views and your poetry and get a little bit political. Write about the economy, the good side and the bad but be honest with yourself and your readers. Write about the lack of jobs or even the so called job report that says things are not so bad,,.

Write Poems from your Heart and Soul!

Emotions are many but Love is the one emotion that many of us love to write about. When you write and your in the emotional zone your poems will come to life. Write when ever your feelings are strongest and create poems that come from deep in your soul.

Thank you for Writing, for making this site something we can all be proud of and for spreading your wonderful poems! 

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More online poetry members means more tools and a bigger online presence for all of our readers and writers. Please do your part and invite people to write and read at our wonderful online Poetry Site. When you recruit other writers and readers then you will see the site grow and your poems will be read more often. 

Read and Comment -

I am only one person and all the poets on this site deserve to be read and critiqued on their work. I would appreciate your help in doing so. Fofr me I love reading as many poems and different works as possible. It helps me to become a better writer and improve my style of writing.

Become Involved -

I am looking for people who have time and talents to help with certain tasks.Below is a list of items I would appreciate the help from any volunteers as I like most of you work a regular 40+ hours a week.

To sum up this article you must be in the mood to write poetry on Thanksgiving Day and giving thanks to the Native American Indians for their Harvest which saved the lives of our fore fathers before us.So we Celebrate with Family and friends with the foods that were once given to us by the Indians such as Turkey and corn to help us to survive a cold winter. This Online Poetry Site welcomes all poets and writers who are willing to put a spin on this Holiday Season.So gather your Words and write for the Day of Celebration and Promote those scribes knowing you are writing from a site that does not try to scam you and keeps your poetry and experience free.

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